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  • Auxilery Equipment in Flexible Packaging

  • Specialized in product and process development in the Flexible Packaging

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    Technical, Project, Operations, Production and Crisis Management

  • Cerviselect, Technisch Advies- en Projectenbureau actief in heel Nederland.

  • Brands representations

  • Flexotech - Plate Mounting

    The FlexoTech mounting machines are engineered and manufactured in every size, with fully customizable equipments and enduring reliability and practical handling for the end-users. Source: flexotech.hu

  • RELOX Technik - Afterburners

    RELOX Technik has committed itself to industrial waste air purification, developing, planning and building waste air purification systems equipped with state-of-the-art oxidation technology. In particular, enterprises in the packaging, printing, painting and chemical industries rely on the competence and performance of the RELOX team with its well-founded knowledge of physics and chemistry as well as comprehensive expertise in the area of industrial engineering which makes the team an outstanding troubleshooter and expert on production processes.

  • Cumulus - Air Humidification

    Cumulus® has been known since 1991 for its innovation and pro-activity in the field of humidification systems. Adaptability and speed are our key values. We strive to provide the perfect climate for you and your business and in doing so, no obstacle is too high and no country too far away. Source: cumulus.nl

  • Mink Bürsten - Rollers

    Mink Bürsten is the global market leader in modern filament technology and brush technology. Established in 1845, August Mink KG is proud of its long heritage as an accomplished, dependable partner for thousands of well-known companies around the world. The firm's history is defined by innovative thinking, permanent refinement, superlative quality and its primary objective of absolute customer satisfaction.

  • Technical solutions

    Cervitrade has the knowledge en experience with the high end machinery and equipment for flexible packaging to find the best possible solution for your company. We are worldwide active in this industry with also experience in steamlining technical maintenance and technical projects. Offering a complete package is our proven strength.