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  • Air Humidification

  • Cumulus - Air Humidification

  • High Pressure Humidifiers for Open Spaces

    Reliable, low energy usage, easily scalable, and safe

    High pressure humidification is perfect for humidifying large capacities of water ranging from 20 l/hr to thousands of litres per hour. The system is extremely energy efficient and can be used in many different situations. The high pressure atomisation produces tiny droplets that evaporate quickly. Low energy consumption Reliable Flexible and easy to scale up Legionella safe Low maintenance No AHU required Drip free Stand-alone unit Free adiabatic cooling

    The advantages:
    • Low energy consumption
    • Reliable
    • Flexible and easy to scale up
    • Legionella safe
    • Low maintenance
    • No AHU required
    • Drip free
    • Stand-alone unit
    • Free adiabatic cooling

  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers

    Ultrasonic humidifiers create the smallest droplets of all the adiabatic humidifiers. The fine atomisation is perfectly suited for use in ducts as well as in air handling units without the need for major adaptations. The units require minimal maintenance and use very little energy. These units are generally used for smaller capacities from 1 l/hr up to 18 l/hr.

    The advantages:
    • Low energy usage
    • Short evaporation trajectory
    • Precision control
    • Low maintenance
    • No AHU required
    • Almost no aerodynamic drag
    • Quiet
    • Hygienic