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  • KANTOS offset dryer


    The patented technology of the KANTOS offset dryer for the future promises the continuation of the success story in building offset dryers with integrated or separate incineration.

    The KANTOS dryer has an integrated catalytic incinerator which heats the offset dryer via excess heat coming from the oxidation of the solvents from the dried offset paint. In case of an extremely low colour coverage or only a small number of colours or only one colour to be printed, KANTOS will show its very special properties. The low oxidation temperature (350°C) of the integrated catalytic oxidation will require incomparable low quantities of additional energy which makes this dryer unique in the world market.

    A lean personal structure, highly qualified employees and the unlimited commitment to partnerships mark the culture of RELOX TECHNIK with our customers.

  • Exhaust air cleaning


    Industrial painting for plastic and metal parts (automotive) or metal plates (ship building) with solvent-based primers and paints requires exhaust air cleaning systems to protect the environment.

    Our know how in painting techniques firstly cares for a higher concentration of the low concentrated exhaust air streams coming from the painting cabins and dryers. This is a precondition to run a modern regenerative exhaust air cleaning system at the lowest additional gas cost. This pre-work is necessary as the client directly saves primary energy (natural gas, propane) for the heating process of the thermal cleaning system.

    An additional and necessary aim is to exclude the biggest part of overspray-particles coming from the painting cabin and going via exhaust air to the incinerator. The target is to avoid clocking up of the very fine cells in the ceramic regenerators. The necessary know how for this purpose is available at RELOX TECHNIK.

    Should components such as fibres or condensing materials which can be released of the raw materials, adhere to the regenerative heat exchanger, an integrated cleaning system is available (blow out systems) to clean the regenerators. This can be done either after the production has stopped or if the painting line operates continuously parallelly during the production cycle.

    Special concepts for exhaust air cleaning such as for interrupted painting or for very low solvent concentrations in the exhaust air stream require special solutions, which RELOX TECHNIK delivers “off the shelf”.