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  • Roller brushes

    Mink roller brushes differ from other Mink round brushes by virtue of their integrated shafts. Owing to the wide-ranging demands made on these brushes, especially in terms of shaft dimensions, there is no advantage in maintaining a stock range. Nevertheless, with our extensive experience in this area we are able to configure special brushes for you very quickly. On account of its extraordinary versatility the Mink Zick-Zack-System can frequently serve as the basis for a reliable solution.

  • Web spreader rolls

    Creasing in film and other web materials can lead to increased scrap rates. This problem can be reliably avoided by using competitively priced Mink web spreader rolls. Thanks to the angling of the bristle bundles from the centre outwards, film webs are efficiently smoothed out. Markings on the material, which could compromise quality, are not an issue. In principle, Mink web spreader rolls can be installed in any critical area of the plant. Due to the low cost they can even be used to replace standard path rollers. The free-running rollers, mounted on ball bearings, rotate much more easily than other types of spreader rollers. Mink web spreader rolls are manufactured ready-to-install according to your dimensions and requirements and can be delivered within a few working days.

    The advantages:
    • Films and other webs are kept perfectly smooth during processing
    • Spreading effect is achieved from the first contact with the web
    • This sophisticated system replaces imperfect alternatives